How To Speed Up Your Success: #KeepVibrating

#KeepVibrating is my greatest principle for success in life and in business. When I talk about keeping on vibrating, I’m talking about making sure that I’m always doing the things that propels me towards my goals, my targets, my dreams and my vision. I’m talking about always being busy learning, producing, creating, connecting, getting attention and marketing. I believe that everyone has dreams and ambitions. But most people don’t stand any chance of realizing their dreams because they are not consistently vibrating towards achieving those dreams – they are not doing anything that pushes them in the direction of their dreams.

#KeepVibrating is a principle that I use to crush procrastination, to stop lazing around and to keep on being productive. Every time I find myself watching too much TV, gossiping, oversleeping and having too much idle time, I know that I’m not vibrating, and if I’m not vibrating I’m automatically shrinking and contracting!

Every morning when I wake up I ask myself ”what I’m I doing today to keep on vibrating?” I make sure that I answer that question then I structure my day activities around my answers. I write my to-do list basing on what I have to do on that day to keep on producing, creating and marketing. I fill up my days with productive activities and commit to working on and hitting my daily goals.

These are some of the things that i do to make sure that I’m always vibrating :

  • I keep learning new things and new skills.
  • I keep investing in my self-development.
  • I keep networking with likeminded people.
  • I keep setting bigger goals for myself.
  • I keep challenging my limits and reality.
  • I keep expanding and growing.
  • I keep creating new content (videos, blog posts etc).
  • I keep on being uncomfortable.
  • I keep taking action.

Every successful person is someone who’s working towards a vision. They make sure that they are always doing the activities that moves them towards their vision – they #KeepVibrating towards their vision everyday. If you have dreams, it’s time to stop settling and lazing around. it’s time for you to start vibrating consistently towards your dreams.

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Let’s #KeepVibrating!


These Two Things Will Make You More Happier

Happiness is not something that comes to you, it’s something that lives within you. You just have to stimulate and awaken it. These two things can help you become a happy soul:

When you exercise and eat right you get your body in good shape, you feel energetic through the day. This makes you to like yourself more and feel more confident. The more confident you become the more happier you’ll feel.

Every time when I wake up in the morning and workout or I when I go and play soccer in the evenings, I feel energetic, fit and happier afterwards. Every time I eat healthy food I feel proud of myself and that makes me happy. Unlike when I’m eating junk food – I enjoy the food but always feel the guilt of knowing that I’m not doing the right thing. And junk food makes me fat and lethargic. You can’t be happy when you’re always feeling tired and your body is out of shape.

If you want to be happy you have to be a productive person. Producing things that you know you should makes you feel proud of yourself and helps you to be confident of your abilities. Show me a confident and proud person and I’ll show you a happy person. If you’re working at a job create something that can be useful e.g. develop a quality enhancement tool. If you’re running a business make sales calls, follow up on clients, close more sales and contribute to the growth of the business – produce money for the business.

When I produce something, like writing an article, a book, shooting a video or closing a sale, I always have a great feeling of accomplishment; that i’ve managed to start, do and complete doing something. This always makes me feel proud and happy about myself. Having too many pending things to do but never getting them done always makes you unhappy. You know you should be producing but you’re not. That makes you feel terrible.

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How To Sell Anything : 9 Simple Ways

Whether you know it or you don’t, you need to be good in selling for you to get the things you want and need in life. A lot of people don’t like the idea of selling because they don’t like dealing with people. Less do they know that everyone is in sales. Life compels each one of us to often try to persuade others on something in order for us to advance and get what we want. Whether you want to date that beautiful girl, you want promotion at work, you want to raise money for your business idea or you want to sell your products/services – you need to know how to sell.

In this article I’m going to lay out 9 simple ways you can use to sell your products/services to anyone. If you can learn these ways of selling and apply them consistently, you will without a doubt grow your sales tremendously.

1. Know That Selling is Serving

The first thing you need to know is that selling is awesome because you’re helping people solve their problems and satisfy their desires. You’re actually helping people to move away from their pains and frustrations to pleasure. When selling to people you’re helping them to save time, to achieve their goals, to perform better, to feel good and to be happy – isn’t that wonderful? – that’s what selling does. You have to feel good about selling and do it with enthusiasm.

2. Believe in What You’re Selling

Before you start selling anything, whether yourself, your ideas, suggestions, product or service, you have to have a complete belief that it can effectively solve the problem, help the other person or improve the company. To believe in What you’re selling you have to know it in and out and know how it can actually solve your prospect’s problem. Don’t sell what you don’t believe in just for the sake of money, the prospect can easily sense your intentions and never buy.

3. Be Interested In Your Prospect

Show genuine interest in your prospect. The best way to show them you’re interested in helping them not just closing the sale is to ask them relevant questions and listen to them attentively. Don’t interrupt them when they talk, give them time to speak and extract as much information about them as you can. Control the conversation by asking questions that drive and inspire them to tell you more about their frustrations and problems that they need solved. This is the time to gather information that will help you to figure out how your products/services can eradicate your prospect’s frustrations and solve their problems.

4. Use The Word ”You” or Their ”Name” More

Shine the light on your prospect. Make the conversation about them, not you or your product. Put their needs before your own. View the conversation as the opportunity to serve them and it will become a lot easier to talk to them. Using the word ”You” or calling them by their name always grabs their attention and gets more positive response. It makes them feel that this is actually about them. Be careful not to use thier name every five seconds or you’ll start to sound manipulative. You should try to use it a few times throughout the course of the conversation so that they feel you really care about them. Just a simple, “You see, Mike, this is how YOU can benefit.” will help make them feel special and more likely to buy from you. It’s never “my product is great.” It’s always “here’s how I can help YOU.”

5. Find Common Ground

Be quick to find out what you have in common with your prospect in relation to what you’re selling and let them know that you’re on the same side. For example, if you’re selling sneakers and they tell you about how difficult it is to find nice quality shoes, just let them know that you’re having that same frustration and offer yourself and your product to them to help solve that frustration. Let them know that the reason you’re selling those nice quality sneakers is because you’ve been frustrated enough and now you have taken it upon yourself to help those who are experiencing the same frustrations. That way you prospect will see that both of you are on the same side and you are fighting the same battle. They will be at ease and have a clear mind to make the decision to buy from you.

6. Focus on Selling The Benefits Not Features

Find out exactly what ‘Big Benefits’ will cause your prospect to buy from you and use them as the selling power. Know the main benefits of using your products/services and develop a mind blowing presentation around them. Focus your presentation on how your prospect can get their main problems solved. What is the Ultimate benefit of using your product/service?

7. Always Agree With Your Prospect

Find a way to always agree with your prospect. Even if they say something that you don’t agree with, just say ”you’re right” or ”I completely agree with you” smile and keep on providing them with information and more reasons to move forward. Believe that the reason they are saying what they are saying is because they don’t have enough information to see it differently. Make it your responsibility to provide them with information that will drive them to finally see the benefits of your solution. Do all these while keeping on agreeing with them. The moment you start disagreeing with them you lose that common ground connection and they start to become more guarded – a concrete wall starts to build between the two of you. This is not a debate contest but it’s you trying to help and serve the other person. If they say your price is high just say ”you’re right, that’s why I want you to buy now so you can be over with it in time and enjoy the benefits now not later. Get it done now so you have time to deal with other things that needs your attention, your time is worth more”. Just agree with whatever they say, you can’t make a sale while on disagreement.

8. Show Them, Don’t Just Tell

Don’t Just mention the benefits of using your products/services, show them proof and evidence of your products’ success. Show them testimonials from clients who have already benefited from your services. Show them before and after pictures, videos and texts from your clients who appreciate the solutions your products/services have brought to them. The old adage ”seeing is believing” is more true here.

9. Focus on Building Long-term Relationships

Selling is all about relationship-building. Customers will only buy from you if they trust you, respect you, and like you. Yes your end goal is to sell, but the more genuine and long-term relationships you can build the more sales you can generate. So the main focus have to be on building relationships because relationships results in sales. The only difference between a contact and a contract is the ‘r’ and it stands for ‘relationship’. Build a relationship between you and your CONTACT so they can give you the CONTRACT.

It’s high time your stop hating selling and know that it’s an essential skill that you need in order to get ahead in life. The number one predictor of the success of a company, an entrepreneur or an individual is thier ability to sell. Commit to learning the skill of selling and see yourself prosper.


Skilo Gee

How The Words From a PATIENT Changed my Life

I was a lost soul with no direction nor purpose. During my high school days, when I was 17 years I started drinking and smoking. I was staying at the teacher’s houses but most of the weekends I will spend at the students hostels and bars drinking. I made friends with guys much older than me and we spent most of the time at the drinking spots. 

Despite all this ill behavior, I got good grades and managed to go to University. When I applied for University I was with my elder sister who was doing her third year there. By that time I didn’t even know what I wanted to study. I didn’t know what I wanted to become after University – I was in the dark. My sister suggested I study nursing and I refused, I didn’t want to be a nurse, I really couldn’t envision myself being a nurse. My sister then put on her selling skills – she explained to me how great nursing profession is, with great benefits and that the greatest advantage was I will go straight to work after graduating. She ended up closing on me, I gave in and agreed. After a few weeks I received the acceptance letter from the University. My tertiary journey had just begun.

My tertiary days were full of drama. I wasn’t happy that I was studying nursing. In fact, I was ashamed of my course and I was stressed. I continued with my drinking and smoking. It went from bad to worse – I even started smoking marijuana. As an attempt to try and escape from where I seemed to have stuck, I started recording songs trying to pursue a career in music. But due to my lack of focus and commitment, I ended up quitting. I was constantly bunking classes and I received disciplinary letters from about 3 lecturers.

One day one of my lectures who’s now late, Mr Mudongo (MHSRIP), met me in the University corridors and asked me to come with him at his office. We sat down and he asked me to tell him what was going on with me. He showed so much concern. I was in my third year by then. I told him everything from the beginning to the end. After listening to me he told me that he totally understood my situation. He talked to me as a caring parent and ended up convincing me to refocus and finish my degree. He promised to assist me whenever need be. I focused on my studies and at last I got my degree in nursing after 5 years instead of the stipulated 4 years.

I managed to graduate but I still had that blame mindset. I was blaming my sister for ‘forcing’ me to study nursing as I usually put it in my lamenting narratings. After graduation, I was hired in a government hospital. I still had no direction. I was drinking every weekend and I carried a packet of cigarettes in my pocket all the time – I now had a salary to sponsor these bad habits. I had this sob story of how I was ‘forced’ to study what I didn’t want to, that I told everyone I met who didn’t mind to listen. 

One day during my work shift when I was chatting to one of the admitted patients, something he said struck me. The patient was a DR by profession. He listened to me as I narrated my same old sob story. After I finished telling my story, he said the words that made me reconsider my mindset and my life. He said ”I hear your story. My advice to you is to stop whining and complaining about your situation. There are lots of people who wish to be in your position. My brother you’re blessed. Do this – use whatever you have now as a stepping stone to go wherever you want to go”. Those words hit straight in my heart,  I felt like I just got a hot slap across my face. The Dr patient had just told me what I needed to hear. I thanked him for his advice and went outside to digest his words.

From that day I started to perceive my situation differently. I started to see life through a positive lens – All this time I had no right or place to blame my sister. She helped me to get a starter and the ball was now in my court for me to play. I realized I’ve been playing victim for too long. It was now time for me to change!

Feeling sorry for yourself won’t improve your situation.

I started to change my bad habits. I stopped being negative, I stopped blaming others for my circumstances, I quit smoking and started to drink occasionally. I started to put aside part of my paycheck to sponsor my dreams. All these weren’t easy but I had the determination to change. My friends started saying things  like ”Where are you hiding these days”, ”You don’t go out these days, are you planning to marry?”. Obviously my friends couldn’t understand my transformation.

Now I have decided to replace my old bad habits with the good ones. I’m now committed to building my life and go for my dreams. I spend most of my time reading, writing, learning new skills and connecting with people with the same mission. I have since discovered my purpose which is to help other people adopt the right mindset and live their lives in a positive way on their quest to achieving success and greatness. I’ve committed my life to learning and becoming great at SELLING which I’ve since realized it’s a skill that everyone who wants to be successful at whatever they pursue needs. I have founded Skilogee Vibrations (Pty) Ltd, a SALES TRAINING Company that focuses on helping Big and Small businesses together with individual entrepreneurs to grow SALES. After all, in business and life in general, Sales is everything!. We also focus on overcoming the FINANCIAL STRUGGLES of the people which result from financial illiteracy.

I’ll end by saying, I have been a lost soul with a negative mindset. I had no purpose and no direction. However, I managed to discover my purpose and now I’m grinding everyday gunning after my purpose and vision. You too can change. It’s never too late. Here is a tool that can help to speed up your transformation process.

Keep Vibrating!

Skilo Gee


The people of Zimbabwe have for a long time watched their country being reduced from a once an African Economic Powerhouse to a severely depleted and wasted nation. Many Zimbabweans ended up scattered in the diaspora looking for greener pastures. Families separated and most of these people worked odd jobs and stayed illegally in other African countries. They literally lived on the run.

As if that was not enough, the Zimbabwean Dollar devalued to the extent that it was no longer used in the country. The American Dollar ended up replacing the local currency and became the currency of choice – how painful and defeating!

However, in the past few days, something big and unbelievable happened in Zimbabwe . The real fight against this terrible situation began. The Zimbabwean Military together with the people of Zimbabwe (freedom fighters) decided to confront the situation head on! They put their foot on the ground and did something about their horrible situation. In less than a week of DOING SOMETHING about their country’s situation, SOMETHING HAPPENED! – President Robert Mugabe who is seen as the one who caused Zimbabwe’s socio-economic crumble and political instability was compelled to resign from Presidency. 

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Now, the people of Zimbabwe and the nation of Zimbabwe at large have an opportunity to start afresh and work together once again to rebuild their country into an African Economic Powerhouse it once was, this time under a deferrent leadership. Yes it won’t be easy and it won’t be done overnight, but after all these, Zimbabweans can now have a sigh of relief and get down to work on resuscitating their country’s socio-economic and political status. At last, there is hope in Zimbabwe.

LESSON LEARNEDWhen you do something, something will happen!

This is the principle that I’ve learned and you can adopt it too – Whatever situation you’re faced with, know that the power is in your hands. When you decide to stop avoiding it, to stop running away from it, and to stop complaining about it and start to face it head on and hold the bull by it’s horns, you’re guaranteed to get some results!

What is that seemingly immovable obstacle you’re faced with? Is it Low Sales in your business or You’re struggling with your Personal Finances?… If so, Stop whining about it! stop feeling sorry for yourself! stop complaining! And start doing something about it. Take on the bull by it’s horns. You can start by following our Facebook Pages SkiloGee and SkiloGee Vibrations – where you can learn and get the skills on Selling, Finances and Entrepreneurship.

When you do something, something will happen! – SkiloGee




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5 Things We Can Learn From The #TLATSALEBALA Dream

May 6th 2017 was a very important day in the history of the Botswana Music Industry. The Botswana National Stadium was filled up to the brim by people from every corner of Botswana. Some people even came from neighboring countries to witness the historic event where a line-up consisting of only local musicians were performing in front of a huge vibrant audience who filled up the stadium. This was indeed a great achievement which was initiated, conducted and worked on to the end by one of the Local musician who goes by the name KAST. Who could have thought filling up the national stadium without inviting international musicians was doable? Well KAST did believe it was, and guess what, he did it! This is a great achievement worth celebrating and applauding and more importantly, we have to learn from it. Here are the 5 things we can derive and learn from the #TLATSALEBALA dream.


The Wright brothers believed they can fly. Everybody thought they were mad, but they went on and made an airplane – today everyone can fly wherever they want using an airplane. If you have a dream, you must have the self-belief that you can make it real. If you truly believe you can do it then you can, and if you believe you can’t do it then you cannot. Self-belief is the starting point. No matter how much people believe you can’t do it, just believe you can. While everybody was doubting and ridiculing him, KAST kept on believing he can. He knew that the achievement of his dream to fill up the National Stadium depended on him believing that he can achieve it.  He knew that if he don’t believe in himself nobody else will believe in him. You also can do it. No matter how big and wild your dreams are, you can turn them into reality if you truly believe, just like KAST did.

Self-belief is the starting point


Believing in yourself is not enough, you have to have the willingness and determination to work relentlessly on your dream. When you have willingness you will be able to consistently put in the determination that is needed to make your dream a reality. You will show up everyday and make some progress. When you have willingness you won’t mind living, talking, breathing and eating your dreams even if people start labeling you mad and obsessed. No one ever achieved their dreams without being determined and being labelled obsessed. Be worried if people are not talking about how mad or obsessed you are about your dreams. KAST had a dream and he was willing to do whatever he could to make it a reality. He was obsessed with his dream, he was determined to make it, and guess what….he made it! You too can achieve those dreams of yours if you have the will and determination to work on them, START NOW!

Be worried if people are not talking about how mad or obsessed you are about your dreams.


KAST had a plan and strategy on how he can realize his dream of filling up the National Stadium. He didn’t just come up with the idea and try to execute it without a plan. He realized that making his dream a reality is a huge task so, he came up with a plan to raise awareness and sell his dream to the public. He went on Radio and Social Media announcing his “WILD” dream. A lot of eyebrows were raised, jokes were made but all these helped to spread the message across. After a while KAST announced that in his attempt to further raise awareness to his dream of filling up the national Stadium, he will take a long 1000KM walk across the country from Maun to Gaborone. “Huh? 1000KM walk! he must be mad. Tell that man to wake up from his wild dreams” – these were the words of people upon hearing of KAST’s announcement. Disbelief and doubt were high, everybody was talking about this wild announcement. The message went viral across the country and went even outside the country. Almost everyone knew about KAST and his dream. The radios, TVs, newspapers, social media and many other media talked about it. “Will he manage to do it?” – was the question on everyone’s lips. The message went on and on. His plan and strategy was working! Whatever your dreams are, you must come up with a plan and a strategy on how you can let more people know about it and then execute.

Having no plan is actually planning to fail.


Everytime you tell people about your big dreams you will be faced with many doubting Thomases and criticism. You will be told to take it easy and relax because your dreams are “impossible” to achieve. You will be ridiculed, you will be joked about and you will be laughed at. In most cases, people will decide to retreat and quit on their dreams in order to avoid being criticized and ridiculed. This is not a good way to deal with it. The best way is to use criticism as an indicator for the progress of your success. The more criticism you get means the more progress you are making towards success. When people and media start criticizing you, know that what you are doing is gaining traction and recognition – you need traction and recognition to achieve success so, you are on the right track. What you can do is counter criticism with more action! Let the criticizers become your free PR and give you free advertisement. Use your doubters as motivation to prove them wrong. KAST did it. He didn’t succumb to criticism and retreat, instead he put in more work, kept on pushing hard and leveraged on free advertising from his doubters. Whenever you have a dream, a plan and a strategy, you will have to execute relentlessly without letting the criticism distract you.

Counter criticism with more action!


Mohammed Ali did it. He claimed he was the world’s greatest way before he actually was. He then followed up with great delivery, he worked hard to actually be the world’s greatest boxer! KAST also did it. He promised to fill up the National Stadium and guess what…. HE DID IT! He followed up his huge promise with massive deliveries. He even went on to the extent of taking a 1000KM walk in order to attract people and other stakeholders to help him deliver on his promise. This won him a lot of fans, followers, partners and helped him to ultimately achieve his “WILD” dream! In everything we do we have to come up with ways to put ourselves under pressure to produce and deliver. One of the ways to do it is to make big claims and promises then work on our delivery that can wow the people. The greats always enjoy working under pressure because they know that’s when they have no any other options but to deliver!

Whatever your dreams are, take this lessons from KAST’s #TLATSALEBALA dream and use them to work on your dreams. 

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How To Attract Attention: The Secret

People always say “you don’t need attention, all you need is respect because it lasts longer.” Yes I agree, earning respect is important. But there is no how you are going to get respected if nobody knows about you. You need to first draw attention to yourself then use that attention to build and earn respect. Respect comes after attention. Attention has been and its still the thing you need to make it big. Talent only is not enough; you can be a great writer, singer, artist, or anything but if no one knows about you, you wont make it big. All these businesses that run adverts everyday on TVs, radios, magazines, blogs and many other media platforms are all aiming at one thing – drawing ATTENTION to their businesses from as many people as possible because attention leads to increased customers and sales which enables businesses and brands to expand and grow.

Respect comes after attention.

Start by drawing attention, then use that attention to sell yourself, your brand, your products and your services. Use the attention you get to build trust, relationships, to get raving fans as well as haters and criticizers. Sometimes you can even consider stirring up little controversy to attract the attention. But be careful not to go to the extremes of totally ruining your reputation. Make bold claims, statements and big promises that gets people talking, then follow up with bold actions and deliveries. Have people talking about you and what you do and be worried if no one is talking about you.

Be worried if no one is talking about you.

The Kardashians, Donald Trump, and Kanye West are the masters of drawing attention to themselves. Locally here in Botswana, recently Jennifer Thebe and KAST did it. Jennifer Thebe, an aspiring modeler, posted her nude pictures on Facebook and instantly everyone was on her case. Some were talking against it while some were liking it. It doesn’t matter! all that matters is that everybody is talking about it and this means everybody now knows who Jennifer is and what she’s about. Rapper KAST made bold claims and promises of pulling up a music show that will fill up the National Stadium and taking a 1000 Kilometers walk from Maun to Gaborone. He followed up with bold actions as he is currently on the 1000 Kilometer walk. Now everyone is talking about KAST and his crazy claims and promises, he is appearing on TV, news, Radios are playing more of his music and he is trending on social media! Tell you what? these two, Jennifer and KAST are now standing greater chances of getting deals, investors, sponsors, partners and most of all they stand a greater chance of making more money and growing their brands in the process. This is because they didn’t shy away from stirring controversy and draw attention to themselves and their crafts, and when they got criticized for it they counter attacked with more bold actions!

You don’t have to strip naked like Jennifer did, and you don’t have to walk 1000 Kilometers like KAST, but you need to come up with your own creative and bold ways of attracting attention to yourself, your brand and your craft. Its better to get criticized than to have no one talking about you. You have to love attention and be strategic about it. Find ways to be always in front of people, on TVs, Radios, trend on social media and be the topic of the conversations. Those who fly under the radar and avoid attention are those who have something to hide, and I don’t think you have something to hide. All you have is your brand, your products and services that you want to serve out to as many people as you can. Nobody can do business with you, buy from you, invest in you or partner with you if they don’t know you or haven’t heard of you and what you do. GET THAT ATTENTION!!

“Everyday is a hustle day until Everyday becomes a holiday” – SKILO GEE