Skilo Gee – Founder at SkiloGee Vibrations (Pty) Ltd.

Skilo Gee, real name – Silent Gabanamotse is a young man from Botswana in the southern part of Africa, who is passionate about sales, finances, personal growth, entrepreneurship and wealth building. He is a Speaker, Author, Sales Consultant and an Entrepreneur. He is the Founder of SkiloGee Vibrations (Pty) Ltd.

SkiloGee Vibrations (Pty) Ltd is a company that helps Small and Big Businesses together with Individual entrepreneurs to rapidly grow their SALES and boost their REVENUES! The company provide these through working with businesses to help them identify where they are missing sales opportunities. Customized sales training materials and programs are created for entrepreneurs to use to improve their sales skills and for businesses to train their staff. Sales Training is provided to salespeople in different fields and industries. All these services are provided via Print Media, Digital Media, Workshops and Seminars.

SkiloGee Vibrations (Pty) Ltd also focuses on uplifting the FINANCIAL WELL-BEING of the people through motivating and empowering them with information on how they can adopt the right mindset and live their lives in a positive way and more importantly empowers people with information on how they can get their finances in order on their quest to achieve success and greatness! This is also done via Print Media, Digital Media, Workshops and Seminars.

Skilo Gee giving a talk at the BILLIONAIRE MIND TOUR SEMINAR @ Woodlane, Riverwalk, Gaborone

Skilo Gee impacts a lot of people through quality educational tools like Social Media especially Facebook by sharing motivating and inspiring posts. He also connects with his audience through entrepreneurial seminars where he shares the knowledge he gained from his own experiences, reading books and learning from mentors. His talks are usually focused on sales, personal growth, personal finances and entrepreneurship. Get Rich Or Get Poorer; the eBook written by him, is another quality educational tool on Financial Education that he has published.

img_20161201_121015 eBook : Get Rich or Get Poorer



If you are willing to take your life to the next level, follow Skilo Gee on Social Media platforms, attend his seminars, and get his eBook – Get Rich Or Get Poorer.

 Keep Vibrating!

“Your parents are not your emergency fund, your children are not your retirement fund; build your own wealth”


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