Skilo Gee

Skilo Gee, born Silent Gabanamotse is a young man from Botswana in the southern part of Africa, who is passionate about personal growth, entrepreneurship and wealth building. 

His mission is to educate the masses and spread his message about the power of personal growth, entrepreneurship and wealth building across the world, and change more lives in the process. He believes that every person can build their own wealth as long as they adopt the right mindset and follow through with the right actions consistently.

Skilo Gee attained his Degree (BNSc) in 2010 from the University of Botswana. But his belief is that the current formal education system is not suitable for preparing graduates to be ready to build their wealth post their tertiary and college lives; instead it prepares them to work 9-to-5 jobs their whole lives. He believes in this Jim Rohn’s quote  ” Formal education will make you a living, self education will make you a fortune”

Skilo Gee impacts a lot of people through quality educational tools like Social Media especially Facebook by sharing motivating and inspiring posts. He also connects with his audience through entrepreneurial seminars where he shares the knowledge he gained from his own experiences, reading books and learning from mentors. His speeches are usually focused on personal growth, entrepreneurship and wealth building. 

Get Rich Or Get Poorer; the eBook written by him, is another quality educational tool on wealth creation that he has released. In the book he shares the strategies of creating wealth and achieving financial freedom that can be used by anyone.

img_20161201_121015 eBook : Get Rich or Get Poorer



Skilo is the Founder of SkiloGee Academy Company which its main objective is to equip people with the right education on personal growth, entrepreneurship and wealth building. The company was started after the realization that a lot of people even the highly educated professors lack financial literacy, which is the essential requirement for a person to build wealth, achieve financial freedom and lead a fulfilling life.

If you are willing to take your life to the next level, follow Skilo Gee here and on Social Media platforms, attend his seminars, and get his eBook – Get Rich Or Get Poorer.


img_20161107_070755Skilo Gee & Newman of NATIVE EVENTS


Skilo Gee & Fredrick Mamabolo (Powerman The Speaker RSA)


Skilo Gee & Tefo Maleka of WEALTH POINT CONSULTING

“Your parents are not your emergency fund, your children are not your retirement fund; build your own wealth”


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