5 Things We Can Learn From The #TLATSALEBALA Dream

May 6th 2017 was a very important day in the history of the Botswana Music Industry. The Botswana National Stadium was filled up to the brim by people from every corner of Botswana. Some people even came from neighboring countries to witness the historic event where a line-up consisting of only local musicians were performing in front of a huge vibrant audience who filled up the stadium. This was indeed a great achievement which was initiated, conducted and worked on to the end by one of the Local musician who goes by the name KAST. Who could have thought filling up the national stadium without inviting international musicians was doable? Well KAST did believe it was, and guess what, he did it! This is a great achievement worth celebrating and applauding and more importantly, we have to learn from it. Here are the 5 things we can derive and learn from the #TLATSALEBALA dream.


The Wright brothers believed they can fly. Everybody thought they were mad, but they went on and made an airplane – today everyone can fly wherever they want using an airplane. If you have a dream, you must have the self-belief that you can make it real. If you truly believe you can do it then you can, and if you believe you can’t do it then you cannot. Self-belief is the starting point. No matter how much people believe you can’t do it, just believe you can. While everybody was doubting and ridiculing him, KAST kept on believing he can. He knew that the achievement of his dream to fill up the National Stadium depended on him believing that he can achieve it.  He knew that if he don’t believe in himself nobody else will believe in him. You also can do it. No matter how big and wild your dreams are, you can turn them into reality if you truly believe, just like KAST did.

Self-belief is the starting point


Believing in yourself is not enough, you have to have the willingness and determination to work relentlessly on your dream. When you have willingness you will be able to consistently put in the determination that is needed to make your dream a reality. You will show up everyday and make some progress. When you have willingness you won’t mind living, talking, breathing and eating your dreams even if people start labeling you mad and obsessed. No one ever achieved their dreams without being determined and being labelled obsessed. Be worried if people are not talking about how mad or obsessed you are about your dreams. KAST had a dream and he was willing to do whatever he could to make it a reality. He was obsessed with his dream, he was determined to make it, and guess what….he made it! You too can achieve those dreams of yours if you have the will and determination to work on them, START NOW!

Be worried if people are not talking about how mad or obsessed you are about your dreams.


KAST had a plan and strategy on how he can realize his dream of filling up the National Stadium. He didn’t just come up with the idea and try to execute it without a plan. He realized that making his dream a reality is a huge task so, he came up with a plan to raise awareness and sell his dream to the public. He went on Radio and Social Media announcing his “WILD” dream. A lot of eyebrows were raised, jokes were made but all these helped to spread the message across. After a while KAST announced that in his attempt to further raise awareness to his dream of filling up the national Stadium, he will take a long 1000KM walk across the country from Maun to Gaborone. “Huh? 1000KM walk! he must be mad. Tell that man to wake up from his wild dreams” – these were the words of people upon hearing of KAST’s announcement. Disbelief and doubt were high, everybody was talking about this wild announcement. The message went viral across the country and went even outside the country. Almost everyone knew about KAST and his dream. The radios, TVs, newspapers, social media and many other media talked about it. “Will he manage to do it?” – was the question on everyone’s lips. The message went on and on. His plan and strategy was working! Whatever your dreams are, you must come up with a plan and a strategy on how you can let more people know about it and then execute.

Having no plan is actually planning to fail.


Everytime you tell people about your big dreams you will be faced with many doubting Thomases and criticism. You will be told to take it easy and relax because your dreams are “impossible” to achieve. You will be ridiculed, you will be joked about and you will be laughed at. In most cases, people will decide to retreat and quit on their dreams in order to avoid being criticized and ridiculed. This is not a good way to deal with it. The best way is to use criticism as an indicator for the progress of your success. The more criticism you get means the more progress you are making towards success. When people and media start criticizing you, know that what you are doing is gaining traction and recognition – you need traction and recognition to achieve success so, you are on the right track. What you can do is counter criticism with more action! Let the criticizers become your free PR and give you free advertisement. Use your doubters as motivation to prove them wrong. KAST did it. He didn’t succumb to criticism and retreat, instead he put in more work, kept on pushing hard and leveraged on free advertising from his doubters. Whenever you have a dream, a plan and a strategy, you will have to execute relentlessly without letting the criticism distract you.

Counter criticism with more action!


Mohammed Ali did it. He claimed he was the world’s greatest way before he actually was. He then followed up with great delivery, he worked hard to actually be the world’s greatest boxer! KAST also did it. He promised to fill up the National Stadium and guess what…. HE DID IT! He followed up his huge promise with massive deliveries. He even went on to the extent of taking a 1000KM walk in order to attract people and other stakeholders to help him deliver on his promise. This won him a lot of fans, followers, partners and helped him to ultimately achieve his “WILD” dream! In everything we do we have to come up with ways to put ourselves under pressure to produce and deliver. One of the ways to do it is to make big claims and promises then work on our delivery that can wow the people. The greats always enjoy working under pressure because they know that’s when they have no any other options but to deliver!

Whatever your dreams are, take this lessons from KAST’s #TLATSALEBALA dream and use them to work on your dreams. 

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