How To Attract Attention: The Secret

People always say “you don’t need attention, all you need is respect because it lasts longer.” Yes I agree, earning respect is important. But there is no how you are going to get respected if nobody knows about you. You need to first draw attention to yourself then use that attention to build and earn respect. Respect comes after attention. Attention has been and its still the thing you need to make it big. Talent only is not enough; you can be a great writer, singer, artist, or anything but if no one knows about you, you wont make it big. All these businesses that run adverts everyday on TVs, radios, magazines, blogs and many other media platforms are all aiming at one thing – drawing ATTENTION to their businesses from as many people as possible because attention leads to increased customers and sales which enables businesses and brands to expand and grow.

Respect comes after attention.

Start by drawing attention, then use that attention to sell yourself, your brand, your products and your services. Use the attention you get to build trust, relationships, to get raving fans as well as haters and criticizers. Sometimes you can even consider stirring up little controversy to attract the attention. But be careful not to go to the extremes of totally ruining your reputation. Make bold claims, statements and big promises that gets people talking, then follow up with bold actions and deliveries. Have people talking about you and what you do and be worried if no one is talking about you.

Be worried if no one is talking about you.

The Kardashians, Donald Trump, and Kanye West are the masters of drawing attention to themselves. Locally here in Botswana, recently Jennifer Thebe and KAST did it. Jennifer Thebe, an aspiring modeler, posted her nude pictures on Facebook and instantly everyone was on her case. Some were talking against it while some were liking it. It doesn’t matter! all that matters is that everybody is talking about it and this means everybody now knows who Jennifer is and what she’s about. Rapper KAST made bold claims and promises of pulling up a music show that will fill up the National Stadium and taking a 1000 Kilometers walk from Maun to Gaborone. He followed up with bold actions as he is currently on the 1000 Kilometer walk. Now everyone is talking about KAST and his crazy claims and promises, he is appearing on TV, news, Radios are playing more of his music and he is trending on social media! Tell you what? these two, Jennifer and KAST are now standing greater chances of getting deals, investors, sponsors, partners and most of all they stand a greater chance of making more money and growing their brands in the process. This is because they didn’t shy away from stirring controversy and draw attention to themselves and their crafts, and when they got criticized for it they counter attacked with more bold actions!

You don’t have to strip naked like Jennifer did, and you don’t have to walk 1000 Kilometers like KAST, but you need to come up with your own creative and bold ways of attracting attention to yourself, your brand and your craft. Its better to get criticized than to have no one talking about you. You have to love attention and be strategic about it. Find ways to be always in front of people, on TVs, Radios, trend on social media and be the topic of the conversations. Those who fly under the radar and avoid attention are those who have something to hide, and I don’t think you have something to hide. All you have is your brand, your products and services that you want to serve out to as many people as you can. Nobody can do business with you, buy from you, invest in you or partner with you if they don’t know you or haven’t heard of you and what you do. GET THAT ATTENTION!!

“Everyday is a hustle day until Everyday becomes a holiday” – SKILO GEE



4 thoughts on “How To Attract Attention: The Secret

  1. Your article sparked some great debate during dinner. It was a battle of generations. Young minds against the old. It was interesting to see how mindset have changed over the years. I agree with the point of getting your brand out there but conflicted on the idea of “any publicity is good publicity”. The idea of steering out controversy if need be. My reason is that I strongly believe in principles and values. I believe that a brand is mainly driven by your values and principles. So people will be drawn to you if they are able to trust you and believe you. In addition, I also believe that both your principle and values will earn you respect. However, as I said my younger siblings agreed 100% with your viewpoint and they too had good points to put forward for their case.

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    1. Thanks for your views Dazzle. I agree with when you talk about principles and values because that’s the foundation of any strong brand. And yet attention is very important and one has to be strategic about how to draw it to themselves. I believe you can draw up some attention being cautious not to ruin your brand reputation. It’s not easy but it can be done.

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