How To Crush Your Haters

Making it in life is a challenge on its own. You will attract attention from a lot of haters and critics. These are the most people who are going to show up first when you are beginning to achieve success. You really have to have a thick skin and be emotionally and mentally prepared for it when it starts to happen. When you are building something big, whether your personal brand or your business, use critics and haters as one of the big indicators of your success. Nobody makes it big without attracting haters. instead of becoming worried of the haters, be happy that what you are doing is getting some attention.

Haters are always Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success. The more haters you have shows that you are on the right track of achieving success. Take the USA president Donald Trump as an example; he has a lot of people criticizing and hating on him and yet he also have a lot of people who admire and believe in him to be their president. President Donald Trump is using the best kept secret to deal with his haters and critics. He is taking MORE ACTION! doing what he believes in no matter how much hating and criticism he receives about it. Taking more action will result in two positive things that will catapult you towards achieving success.

1. Haters are going to try hard to match your massive work ethic and persistence with more hating and criticizing. You are going to be hugely talked about in the streets, corridors, news, tabloids, radio, TV, social media and many other forms of media. This means that you will be literally getting FREE public relations and advertising. Your haters will turn out to be your most powerful advertisers. More attention will be drawn to you, more people will get to hear about you and see you, you are going to be the topic of most conversations. Many successful people are aware of this and some like Kanye West and Miley Cirus are even using the strategy of stirring criticism to market their brands.

2. The other positive thing that will come out of taking more action is that you will attract more and more admirers and raving fans. People are going to be fascinated by your enthusiasm, your bravery and your persistence despite all the hating you receive. More and more people are going to start believing in you and what you do. Due to your persistence, some of the people who started out hating will eventually turn into your raving fans. Sooner or later your fans and admirers will out-number your haters and critics. The haters will then lose interest in you and go hunt for the next target. After all that is what they live to do – Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success.

If you get intimidated by your haters and you stop taking action and retreat in order to avoid them, you will be playing a losing game. You cannot achieve any success and your haters will come out winners. The more you ignore the haters and take more action, the closer you will get towards achieving success, and in the end you will come out a winner and the haters will lose out.

Are you ready to take more action and win big or you are too afraid of the haters and critics that you will rather fly under the radar and remain average?

Knowledge Up!

Skilo Gee


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