How To Cut Negative People From Your Life: 3 Simple Ways

It has been said many times and i am saying it one more time..“your network determines your net worth”. The people you spend more time with will always influence your life. Indeed you are the average of the five people you spend more time with. If you spend more time with thugs you become a thug, and if you spend more time with rich people you become rich. If you spend more time with negative people you become a negative person, and if you spend more time with positive people you become positive and you grow into a better person.

Negative people are everywhere, we all have them around us – our friends, relatives, work colleagues, church mates, school mates etc. If you want to live life full of positivity and go for your dreams, you need to remove negative people from your life and avoid them at all costs. Here are the 3 easy ways you can use to cut negative people off your life :

1. Make a list of all people in your circle

Know what you are dealing with. To enrich your circle and increase its value you first have to know who is in it and then figure out who really should or shouldn’t be in it. Start with taking a piece of paper, a pen and write down a list of all the people in your circle. Then go through your list and put a cross in front of every name of a person you consider to be a negative influence to you. Put a tick in front of every name of a person you consider to be a positive influence. Then make it your goal to avoid spending time with people with a cross on their names and stop doing what they are doing. Spend more time with the people with a tick on their names and do more of what they are doing. Your next task then, will be to continually look for other people outside your circle who are the same or even better than your positive friends and add them to your circle. The more positive people you get in your circle the more your negative friends will remove themselves; they will have a feeling of not belonging there.

2. Change

Stop behaving, acting, and doing the things that negative people do and replace them with what positive people do. Like attracts like. Most of the time, people are attracted to you because you are more like them. You are doing the things that they enjoy doing and therefore, you are more appealing to them and they enjoy having you around. If you do more gossiping, swearing, complaining, clubbing and watching more TV, you will then have a lot of negative friends and associates because all these things are what they love spending their time, energy and money on. Do the opposite – talk about solutions not problems, read books, attend personal growth seminars, exercise and you will have more friends who are doing the same. Your negative friends will eventually cut themselves off your circle because they hate change and they don’t like it when one grows and transforms into a better person.

3. Level up

Raise your standards, learn new skills and increase your value. Positive people are always looking for the best and they want to associate only with other people who are of value. To be able to spend time with these people and have them in your circle you have to become a valuable person who is not only looking for what he can gain from the relationships but, someone who is having a lot of value to share with others. You do not have to be a “what’s in it for me” person, be a “How can i add more value” person. Do something with you life, set goals, go for your dreams and build something of value. This will attract and keep positive people in your life and the negative ones will flee out and hunt for negative vibes to catch on.

In summary; you cannot live a positive life surrounded by negativity. Remove negative vibes, build and attract positive vibes and become the most positive person you know. Make a list, change and level up!

    Level Up!



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