The Rich and The Poor – The Difference

In this world that we living in, there are people who are living in scarcity and those who are living in abundance – the poor and the rich respectively. The world is full of poor people, the rich make just a small fraction of all the people in the whole world. These two groups of people ( the rich and the poor) differ in every aspect of their lives and they perceive life in different opposite ways. It’s safe to say that the main difference between these two groups of people is mindset.

Given the same circumstances and opportunities, these two groups will always have different and/or opposite views, perceptions and believes; which usually lead to them taking different and/or opposite decisions and actions. This will obviously result in them getting different results. The rich usually gets more richer while the poor gets more poorer. One of the richest men in the world, Warren Buffet once said “give a poor man $1000 he will come with a pair of jeans and jordans. Give a rich man $1000 he will make $10,000”. It’s all mindset. The rich operates with the rich-mindset while the poor operates with a poor-mindset. These types of mindsets are totally opposites of each other.

It’s all mindset..

If you have a rich mindset, you can build wealth from the most unlikely circumstances and maintain it. But a person with a poor mindset always find ways to stay poor. Even if they can stumble upon millions of bucks, like inheritance or winning the lottery, they’ll always go back to their poor status as soon as possible! They spend their newly found fortune without investing it in assets that can work for them in the long run. Their fortune end up getting depleted and they become poor again. The truth is, they’ve never been rich but, they got lucky and had a lot of money. They have been poor all this time even though they had plenty money under their name. You can’t be poor in your mind and rich in your pocket. This is the reason why there are so many celebrities and athletes who always go broke again post their careers. They always had poor mindsets, only that they were getting big checks for their talents. Soon after their retirement they instantly go broke! It’s all mindset!

You can’t be poor in your mind and rich in your pocket..

With a poor mindset, even if you make lots of money you will always end up losing most of it if not all. Your poor mindset does not allow you to keep, invest and multiply your money; the money keeps on getting out faster than it gets in. A poor mindset and money are like water and oil, they don’t mix. There’s always a strong repelling force between them. Money is like a lady, it loves attention. It will always find ways to escape the hands of a poor minded person to the hands of a rich minded person because the later knows how to take care of it and gives it attention.

Money is like a lady, it loves attention.

Money does not make you rich, mindset does. Format your mind off all those poor thoughts and believes and install a brand new fresh and rich mindset, then see the magic that happens with your life!

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